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7th & Fst House Blend 12 oz. Bag
Costa Rica Naranjo XX Dark Roast 12 oz.
Day Dreamer Decaf 12 oz Bag
Fair Trade French Roast 12 Oz. Bag
New Moon Dark Roast 12 Oz. Bag
Old World Espresso Blend 12 Oz. Bag
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$25 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
2010 Holiday Blend
5 lbs. Bulk Organic Coffee Blends
5 lb Bulk Decaf Organic Coffee
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Billed Coffee Club
Bodum Antigua Grinder
Bodum C-Mill Grinder
Brazil 8-Cup Press Pot
Brazil Single Serving Press pot
Central America
Chambord 8 Cup Press Pot
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Coffee by Region
Coffee Clubs
Columbia Stainless Steel French Press
Dark Roasts
Decaf, Organic & Fair Trade Dark Roast 12 Oz. Bag
Decaffeinated Coffee
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Equality in the Coffee Trade
Espresso Dominica 12 Oz. Bag
Ethiopia Koke
Ethiopia Natural Sidamo
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Fair Trade Coffee
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Guatemala Antigua La Folie
Guatemala Full City Roast
Humboldt Organic "37" Blend 12 Oz. Bag
Java Kopi Sunda
Java Taman Dadar
Limited Edition Coffees
Moka Java Blend 12 Oz. Bag
Monthly Coffee Club
Morning Glory Breakfast Blend 12 Oz. Bag
Nicaragua French Roast
Organic Nicaraguan Vienna Roast
Pacific Islands
Peru Flor del Norte French Roast
Peru Flor del Norte Full City Roast
Peru Perla Andina Microlot
Peruvian Cafe Femenino Full City Roast 12 oz.
Rwanda Rwabisindu
Sacred Blends
Sacred Blends
Sacred Grounds Sampler
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Single Origin 5 pound options
Six Months Of Sacred Grounds Coffee
South America
Three Months of Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee
Timor French Roast 12 oz.
Twelve Months Of Sacred Grounds Coffee
Western Tanager Blend
What is in your cup?
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